Tuscan hospitality

The Estate

The Ricrio farm is a large estate of about 650 hectares, 1606.18356,acres which rises in the hills, 10 km from the sea, in the innermost edge of the Etruscan Coast, a land rich in history and where olive groves and vineyards are masters.

Villa Ricrio is the ancient manor of the estate as well as the hub of activity on the farm.

The villa and its terrace is situated above the ancient vaulted cellars and stables next to the old barn and granary as well as the little house of the custodian, which is the present annex.

The tenant farmers gathered daily in the villa to give life to the farm activities and on Sunday to participate in the holy mass in the small chapel.

The houses on the farm were once the homes of the tenant farmers who farmed the company land. Since the early 90s the property has carried out an extensive restoration project which began with the renovation of 16 houses, currently there are only 11 of the 16 divesting the houses and properties which are more distant and less strategic to the estate.

Agricultural activity consists mainly in the cultivation of cereals and olive trees for the production of IGP oil, the tourist activity has been added over time, breeding semi-wild animals as well as conservation and protection of wildlife. The property is well populated with pheasants, partridges, deer, wild boars and foxes.